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Located at about 750 meters above sea level, the original city is on a hilltop surrounded by marshland, as evidenced by the surrounding localities: Palud, Léchère for example. The modern districts extend on both sides of this hill, towards the foothills of the Chia river to the west and on the hill of Jericho to the east. However, the town of Bulle does not occupy by far the entire area of the municipality. It covers a territory that stretches from the banks of the Sarine River to the foot of the Moléson. The lowest point of the municipality (on the banks of the Sarine) is at 679 meters above sea level, while the highest point is at 1,390 meters above sea level, on the Chia hill.

6 agents at Bulle

Alexandre Baechler

Eastern Area Director and Associate

Edouard Fragnière

Exceptional Properties Officer, Trustee

Florian Cavigelli

Real estate agent

Sandra Saudan

Real estate agent

Surya Cotting

Real estate agent, Trustee, New project manager

Raphaël Bonjour

Broker, New Projects Manager, Trustee

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