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Luxury rental service

The property market is constantly changing. It is thus essential to be able to adapt and offer our clients solutions that are both innovative and appropriate. In order to offer an interesting alternative when selling a luxury property, we have teamed up with GuestLee Hospitality Reinvented to create a short- and medium-term luxury rental service.

Selling a property can take time depending on the market situation. We thus offer you the opportunity to take advantage of this time period by renting out your property for short- and medium-term lets. This turnkey service offers several significant benefits:

  • Optimises the profitability of your property
  • Increases the visibility of your property in Switzerland and abroad
  • Grows your property and turns your costs in savings

This service is also positive for purchaser clients, who do not yet have the necessary authorisation to purchase a property and who need a temporary solution before buying. In the time period necessary to make the sale of one and the purchase of another, the property is maintained, profitable and desirable. It may also end positively with the purchase of the property by the tenant.

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