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Data protection provisions

If, when accessing our website, contact is made or electronic communication takes place, the user's data is transmitted via an open network that is accessible to everyone. Moreover, data may cross borders even if the sender and recipient both reside in the same country. Although the transmission takes place in the form of encoded packets, information concerning the sender and the recipient is not encrypted. The possibility that third parties may obtain access to such information cannot, therefore, be discounted.

The confidentiality of e-mail communication is not guaranteed, owing to the very nature of the service. We therefore do not accept any order of commercial process or transaction (e.g. the conclusion of contracts) by e-mail.

The use of electronic media (Internet, e-mail, etc) comprises a risk of viruses and deliberate hacking. To combat viruses, always use an up-to-date version of your browser and a regularly-updated antivirus. Do not open e-mail of unknown origin and unexpected attachments.

Registration Form

The personal data collected in the registration forms (such as last name, first name, address, telephone number or e-mail address) is used to send you information about our products and services. When you indicate that you wish to receive a product or service, or contact a person or agency, we share the necessary data so that you receive what you requested.

Personal Data

Whenever our website is accessed, specific invisible pixels or cookies may be used to obtain non-personal data on the use of this website. For data security reasons, the following information is also recorded in a log file each time the website is accessed:

IP Address - Date and time of access - Name of the file consulted - Access status (OK, partial content, document not found, etc) - Page from which access was obtained - Top level domain (*.ch, *.fr, *.com, etc) - Internet browser used - Operating system used. In particular, 2 types of cookie are used:

1) Session cookie (name: cardis, expiry: after 30 days)

For proper functioning of certain parts of the website (mainly the administrator part, and the tracking of certain search actions).

2) Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Cookie (name:_ga & _dc_gtm_)

To understand the behaviour of users and to make it possible to improve the website.

3) Chatra.io Real estate agent direct chat

To be able to continue a conversation during a user visit.

This data is protected against unauthorised access and is not communicated to third parties outside Cardis SA and the company which designs our website. We analyse the data anonymously and solely for statistical purposes, for example, in order to find out how many times the site is accessed on a particular day. We do not use personal information, unless the users concerned knowingly provided that information themselves, for example, in connection with a request for information on a property for sale.

Cardis SA reveals personal data to other third parties only if legal or regulatory provisions require it to do so.

Within Cardis SA, personal information is transmitted and stored in an environment that is secured (by firewalls, for example). We take all appropriate measures to ensure that personal information cannot be accessed by third parties other than partners who provide services to users at the request of Cardis SA. We also ensure that partners have an equivalent privacy and security policy.

How to contact Cardis SA?

Your opinion on our services, legal information and privacy policy is important to Cardis SA. If you have questions, concerns or claims in this regard, you may contact us at info@cardis.ch.

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