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Estimate at the best priceBoost the attractiveness of your propertyFinalize your sale in peace of mind

Estimate at the best price

An accurate estimate made by your broker based on its extensive network, market knowledge and company reputation. He will be able to offer you a price in the high end of the market to start with and then adjust it if necessary to speed up your sale.

  1. A tailor-made estimate

    Our estimate takes into account an important factor: time. Thanks to its extensive network, its market knowledge and the reputation of its company, your Cardis broker will set up a strategy and start by offering you a price in the high end of the market, also called "optimized price". He will then be able to adjust the price if necessary (in agreement with you) to accelerate the sale and negotiate with more freedom.

  2. An in-depth study of your region

    We evaluate your property by carrying out a comparative market study. In other words, our brokers will compare your property with all other similar properties on the market.

  3. A strong network

    Take advantage of our national and international network to maximise your chances of making a sale. Cardis Sotheby's International Realty is 25'000 potential buyers and a network of 8 agencies in French-speaking Switzerland as well as partnerships in German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino. Thanks to our affiliation to the Sotheby's International Realty network, we benefit from the visibility of 1'000 offices established in 72 countries around the world. In addition, we advertise on national and international portals as well as in our specialist magazines and the local press.

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Boost the attractiveness of your property

Your broker uses a professional photographer. If needed, he will make a 360° virtual tour, drone shots and restyling. Thanks to his experience, he will guide you on the right diffusion channels and will enhance your property with his database. You will thus benefit from an optimal visibility!

  1. Preparation of a complete sales kit

    From a set of data such as: the history of your property, the plans, the history of your work, your broker partner will produce, using the best tools, a complete and quality sales file that will enhance the value of your property.

  2. Implementation of targeted and effective marketing actions

    A dedicated broker accompanies you every step of the action plan developed with you

  3. Valuation of your property

    Whether it is a question of home staging, restyling or a simple reorganization of your spaces, your appointed real estate expert will accompany you in this niche.

  4. Personalized support for the presentation of your property

    We offer you various possibilities, namely: to call upon a professional photographer, a 360° virtual tour or even shots taken by a drone

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Finalize your sale in peace of mind

You benefit from a complete support until the final sale of your property - and even beyond, if you wish to acquire the property of your dreams!

  1. A daily follow-up of your project

    We assure you a regular follow-up of your selling project and we will be pleased to answer all your questions.

  2. Study and selection of the best buyers

    We study and select for you the best applications to optimize the visits.

  3. Signature of the deed of sale in 72 hours

    We coordinate all the sales procedures for you

  4. A sale between 3 and 6 months on average

    Your property benefits at the beginning of its marketing of the novelty effect, it is essential not to miss this magic moment!

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