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The secret of a successful real estate sale is based on two key elements: a price that is perfectly aligned with the reality of the market (neither too high nor too low), and proper targeting of the notice of sale. Browse through the essential steps in order to achieve both objectives.

Estimating and defining a selling price

There are two fundamental points to keep in mind: speed of sale and most importantly, the price you set. Understanding the real estate market is a complex science that requires a network and high-level experience which we can provide via our expert brokers and our regional presence.
A poorly-assessed property will stagnate on the market for 9 months or more and lose its value. You will be forced to sell it at a lower price than the one you originally set. Settling upon a price of sale is the business of a specialist; it is crucial to carrying out a profitable transaction.

Gathering all the documents required for the sale

Many documents are required for each type of property—from the moment it is placed on the market up to the point that the sales transaction is finalized. Your expert broker will help you create your sales file which is required for appointments with the attorney and for transferring the property over to the future buyer.

Appraisal and enhancement

An appraisal is necessary for determining the state of your property and its sales potential. Sometimes a few repairs or renovations would increase interest, speed up the sale, or raise the selling price. Often, just a few small things will make the difference.

Taking pictures or creating a 360° virtual tour

Pictures of your property are the first elements that potential buyers will see. They must create a feeling of love at first sight, and therefore require special attention. At Cardis | Sotheby’s International Realty, for every property that we are entrusted with, these pictures are taken by professional photographers, regardless of the value of the property. We also create a 360° virtual tour when necessary.

Creating a presentation file

When potential buyers are interested in your property, it is important to be able to send them a comprehensive sales file with all the necessary information. Our employees have the best tools for creating a high-quality file with data that will enhance you property (description, location, environment, transportation, etc…).

Determining the target audience for your property

Since every property is unique, it is crucial to determine the optimum marketing strategy to target future buyers. The goal is to achieve a quick sale in 3 to 6 months. At Cardis | Sotheby’s International Realty, leader on the real estate market of Francophone Switzerland, we come up with a buyer profile and the best strategy to quickly conclude the sale of your property.

Identifying the best marketing strategy

Are you familiar with all the tools you can use to market your property? When should it be done? Should I display the price? By choosing a well-known real estate player, you will benefit from all the current sales advice and the best marketing media. We are present on all the major real estate web portals and in the majority of the most popular real estate magazines. Our prominent storefronts in city centers are highly respected, and our agencies are the most active on social networks. Our diverse skillset enables us to define the best sales material, highlight the assets of a property, seek out the right audience, and choose the appropriate media to enhance the value of your property. All these measures will make it possible to select future buyers, save time, and, above all, increase your chances of selling quickly by adopting the best strategy from the start.


To put a property on the market is to attempt to make it more attractive to prospective buyers. The publication of your property’s commercialization is the result of all the aforementioned steps. We can assure you that 90% of the buyers who are looking for a property like yours will be apprised of it within 4 weeks. We verify and monitor all published data and establish statistics in order to continuously optimize our management strategy.

Responding to requests for information

Once the property is published, all requests related to it are consolidated. They are then analyzed, verified, and processed as soon as possible.

Organizing visits in the best conditions

Did you know that it takes less than 2 minutes for potential buyers to make a decision during a visit? Now you can understand the importance of a first impression and presenting your property in the best light. We accompany each buyer during their visit, and highlight the assets of your property. We help them project themselves into the future acquisition. Every detail counts: brightness, perception of space, and advice on possible renovations or rearrangements. The goal is to make them fall in love at first sight and trigger the sale of your property.

Selecting/guiding buyers in their efforts

How should you select the right buyer for your property? First of all, you must make sure that they are genuinely on the market to buy and are financially serious, or have at least made contact with financial institutions. In recent years, the conditions for granting mortgages have tightened, making it more difficult to purchase real estate. Thus, there are fewer potential buyers. The reputation and quality of our brand, combined with the proficiency and expertise of our brokers, provides future buyers the credibility they need in order to be granted mortgage financing from the major banks.

Creating an activity report

We take note of each action that relates to your property (requests, visits, offers, advertisements, etc.) and you will receive an activity report from time to time. It serves as a basis for discussion about an adjustment of the marketing strategy.

Commander un projet d’acte par le notaire

Organizing and coordinating the signature at the attorney’s office

According to article 216 of the Swiss Code of Obligations, in order for a real estate transaction to be valid, it must comply with legal formalities via the signature of a deed of sale and deed of purchase in the presence of an attorney. Our expert brokers take care of preparing the preliminary deed of sale/purchase and will be by your side during the final transaction in front of the attorney.

Transferring over the property and documents to the buyer

We make sure everything goes smoothly between you and the buyer when you transfer over the property and documents.