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Les Sépales

La Tour-de-Peilz 4 building with 5 or 6 contemporary apartments each (22 apartments) from 2.5 to 5.5 rooms. Minergie P certified. The living areas are from 58 m² to 138 m². Each apartment has a balcony or a terrace and a garden.

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Le Village

Saint-Légier Surrounded by greenary, in a quiet neighborood. The 24 apartments from 2.5 to 4.5 rooms enjoy a peaceful environment. Located in the center of the village, the residence is close to all amenities.

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Our favorite properties

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Beautiful apartment on the top floor with a mezzanine

La Tour-de-Peilz Located in a quiet and family area just 5 minutes drive from the center of La Tour-de-Peilz, schools and shops. This modern apartment has the advantage of being close to all amenities.

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City of images

Elegantly set on the shores of Lake Geneva and at the mouth of the Veveyse, the city of Vevey is rightly attributed the title “the pearl of the Riviera”. Surrounded by the Lavaux and its terraced vineyards to the west and offering a majestic view of the Alps, the city is one of those places that give themselves to painting and that inspire artists. It was natural for Vevey to become the city of images, a concept that has imbued it with a new dynamic around companies active in the field of graphic design and visual communication. A rich cultural and artistic life has developed in this city renowned for its charm and the splendour of its setting

Vevey at the crossroads

On the road that connects Geneva and Yverdon to Valais, passing through Lausanne, Vevey is a city where paths cross, whether travel or ideas. While it is on a human scale, it also hosts many major companies, including Nestlé, which has its headquarters here on the shores of Lake Geneva. The sixth municipality of the canton of Vaud, Vevey has approximately 20,000 inhabitants. It was also natural that Vevey was the first city to open a branch of Cardis Immobilier Sotheby’s International Realty outside of Lausanne.

Our real estate agency in Vevey comprises two brokers who possess in-depth knowledge of all sectors and the whole region. We offer a free estimate of your property, professional photos, 360° virtual tours and home staging. These resources, among other qualities, are what allow us to sell an average of two properties every day. Whether these are luxurious villas, family homes or apartments, the view over the vineyards or Lake Geneva is incomparable. A guarantee of experience and legitimacy, like its big sister in Lausanne, the longevity of our real estate agency in Vevey attests to its perfect integration into the local real estate landscape and its remarkable knowledge of the territory.

The Fête des Vignerons for unity

The first living tradition in Switzerland to have been inscribed in the UNESCO Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the famous Fête des Vignerons, which takes place once every generation in Vevey, is an opportunity for the inhabitants of the city, the countryside and vineyards to meet and unite. Historically dated to the seventeenth century, the event sees spectators coming from far beyond the city’s borders. Tradition had it that the Brotherhood of Winegrowers ended its assembly with a parade, and descended from the heights of Vevey from the Saint-Martin church to the edge of the lake to crown its winemakers. This joyous parade gave rise to what we know today as the Winegrowers’ Festival. The next festival will be held in 2019.

The Fair of Saint-Martin, meanwhile, takes place every year at the beginning of the autumn in a spirit of sharing where everyone finds something they like at the many stalls, while enjoying papet vaudois, beef on the spit and wines from around Vevey.

From Chaplin to the Museum of Nutrition

His statue stands on the promenade along the banks of Lake Geneva. The comedian Charlie Chaplin, for obvious reasons, fell in love with Vevey, and took up residence in a sumptuous mansion in the upper part of the city. The Chaplin’s World Museum dedicated to this colourful character has now opened in the artist’s home.

Another sculpture may also arouse the curiosity of strollers on the promenade: a huge metal fork planted in the lake. Vevey is a city of taste with its own Alimentarium, the Museum of Nutrition and Food, a veritable institution for educating about food and the culinary arts. Among the other museums, it is possible to admire works on paper from Dürer to Picasso by way of Goya at the Jenisch Museum. And a city of images would be nothing without its Swiss museum of the camera, as well as its Festival Images Vevey, a biennial celebration of the visual arts and monumental photography shown outdoors.

At the art school

In addition to Charlie Chaplin, Vevey has seen many artists living in the city, be it Nobel Prize for Literature winner Henryk Sienkiewicz, or singer Jacqueline Mani, author and composer of children’s musicals. Other famous inhabitants have been the engineer Gustave Eiffel and the writer-philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Vevey really has an artistic and bohemian soul, and it is no surprise to see that is also home to the Higher School of Applied Arts. This institution, which is one of the three schools of the Vevey Centre for Vocational Education (CEPV), includes three departments: Ceramics, Exhibition Design (formerly Decoration), and finally Photography. The CEPV also offers classes such as architectural modelmaker or 3D Polydesigner, among many other areas of craftsmanship. Vevey can also boast of having schools to match any of the big cities, including the Burier gymnasium at Tour-de-Peilz and the Haut-Lac bilingual international school.

The art of living together

Whether in the heights of Vevey, climbing up Mont-Pèlerin to enjoy the view, or on the shores of Lake Geneva to enjoy the simple pleasures of the water, life in this city of the Vaud Riviera is pleasant. The climate is equally pleasant, with the lake refreshing the hot summer days and softening the harsh winter days. These conditions make the inhabitants of Vevey model citizens who cherish and nurture the art of living together.