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Apartment with undeniable charm, 13125_Hugo.JPG

Apartment with undeniable charm

Bogis-Bossey Apartment with undeniable charm, with exposed beams, floor and other details reminiscent of the past.

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Blanche Vigne, cam_02_night.jpg

Blanche Vigne

Vinzel Ideally located close to amenities, the Residence Blanches Vignes is composed of 4 new apartments. This residence offers apartments ranging from approximately 130 m² to 155 m².

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Our favorite properties

Beautiful semi-detached house, VILLA-Chemin-des-oiseaux-8-founex-15.JPG

Beautiful semi-detached house

Commugny Semi-detached house by the garage and contemporary ideally located in Commugny

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A city looking to the future

In its beginnings, the city of Nyon was a Roman colony. Founded under the reign of Julius Caesar between 46 and 44 BC, veteran soldiers of Rome received a piece of land in recompense for services rendered to the Empire. Known as Noviodunum (“new fortress”), the city was the urban centre of the Colonia Iulia Equestris, a large agglomeration that stretched from Lake Geneva to the Jura, and from Aubonne to the Pays de Gex in France today. Nyon quickly became one of the largest Roman colonies in Switzerland, with a forum and amphitheatre recently discovered during excavations. Since these prestigious origins, the dynamic of the city has never changed, and it continues to evolve rapidly today, bravely turned towards the future.

The Nyon region

Beautifully situated between the Jura and Lake Geneva, the Nyon region offers its residents as a backdrop the sublime panorama of the Mont Blanc massif, the highest in Europe. It is an ideal place to live, one where anything is possible. The district comprises 47 communes, and many bucolic and picturesque villages such as Rolle, Coppet, Gland, Crans-près-Céligny and Prangins and its castle. A veritable liaison between the two giants of Switzerland, Geneva and Lausanne, our real estate agency in Nyon possesses an exceptional knowledge of the Côte region. Property sales continue to do well in the Côte region. With a vast and wide range of prices available, from luxurious villas to apartments, family homes and new properties, the selection of homes offers as a backdrop the grandiose panorama of the Mont-Blanc massif. With our two brokers with their deep knowledge of all areas and every corner of the territory, our agency in Nyon carries out many transactions in this region. We offer a free estimate of your property, professional photos, 360° virtual tours and home staging. These resources, among other qualities, are what allow us to sell an average of two properties every day.

The city of 1,000 festivals

In Nyon, music, all kinds of music, becomes essential events, with a reputation that radiates far and wide, beyond the borders of the canton and nation. The most famous festival that sees many famous headliners is of course the Paléo. It welcomes no less than 230,000 spectators every year, for some 280 concerts on the plain of the Asse. During a week in July, it is to the rhythm of the “bamboulés” chanted by the regulars at the event that festival-goers enjoy the special and friendly atmosphere of the event, to the sound of local and international singers. A month earlier, it is the Caribana Festival that conveys an equally festive spirit at the edge of the water. About 25,000 passionate fans of modern music gather there to listen to the events, as well as to meet their friends in a convivial atmosphere.

In a completely different register, the Visions du Réel festival is a delight for film lovers, with most of the films shown world premieres. In 2018, this international film festival offered 174 films from 53 different countries over nine days, enough to satisfy all aficionados of the movie theatre. And to complete the panoply of the arts, the city of Nyon is also the setting for the Festival of the living arts, the FAR°, in August. All summer long then, the city is sure to have a cultural event to please every lover of the arts.

Des loisirs des Toblerones to the Château de Coppet

As a former Roman colony, Nyon is naturally full of history. While as recently as 1996 an amphitheatre was discovered, demonstrating the importance of the city in antiquity, the Roman Museum was established in 1979, during the restoration of an imposing Roman basilica. The museum was built on the site of the remains. History enthusiasts will get value for money, as there is also an excursion to be made, the Toblerones Trail, which follows the line of fortifications and defences erected during the mobilization of the Second World War in 1939-45. Another walk, less historic but equally bucolic and more physical, is the ascent of Saint-Cergue, which can also be done by bike. The less sporty can also take beautiful cycle rides around the edges of the lake, or take to the waters with a pedalo and enjoy the beautiful summer days.

In winter, the ski resort of Saint-Cergue opens its doors for lovers of skiing and sledding. For those less enamoured of sports, there is no shortage of castles in the region, and these can be seen all year round: Château de Coppet, Château de Prangins (home to the Swiss National Museum), Château de Nyon (which houses the Historical Museum and the Porcelain Museum), and more. Those interested in learning more about the waters of Lake Geneva will satisfy their curious at the Museum of Lake Geneva, and discover its fauna, flora, aquariums, the art of fishing and navigation, shipwrecks, submarines and other strange things. To see more animals, it is necessary to go to Le Vaud, and its Zoo de la Garenne, which has recently moved for renovation, and notably houses the highest aviary in Europe.

An international reputation

Many companies that are among the largest employers in the Nyon region enjoy international recognition. We must mention, among others, Novartis, Tupperware Switzerland, Hublot or Generali Switzerland. UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) has its headquarters in Nyon, as well as the European Club Association (ECA). These institutions give the region and the city an international influence, between Geneva and Lausanne.

The city’s gastronomy has also won it fame far and wide. From Lake Geneva to the vineyards, you can choose to enjoy perch fillets with a delicious local white wine (the vineyard of La Côte is the largest vineyard in Vaud in terms of surface area and production). The specialties of the surrounding villages are also legion, such as bacon from Begnins or malakoffs from Luins or Vinzel (also known as “beignets de Vinzel”).

Nyon is also known thanks to the comic Tintin, in the episode “The Calculus Affair”. The city and its region appear as the setting for some of the adventures of the most famous cartoon reporter. All in all it is an ideal setting, between Geneva and Lausanne, to relax and live in a house overlooking Lake Geneva.


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