2ème e-salon immobilier du neuf
Du 11 au 14 Novembre


The scent of new wood and fresh paint is a sensation that each of us loves to experience in a new apartment or house. We carefully select the best new projects in order to bring you this moment.

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Les Résidences de Sierne, tuille residences siernes.PNG

Les Résidences de Sierne

Veyrier This new luxury project is ideally located in the Commune of Veyrier. Close to the village center and amenities, these residences will have the privilege of being quiet and surrounded by greenery.

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Résidence Chêne, Résidence Chêne.PNG

Résidence Chêne

Bière Village welcoming by its dynamism and its green setting which is located in the district of Morges at the foot of the Jura. Close to nature while being close to major cities, Beer, allows you to be about 25 min. from Morges or Lausanne.

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Les Cèdres, 01_photo_ece903b5e73836d26b203b641b756387.jpg

Les Cèdres

Chavannes-près-Renens Situé à Chavannes-près-Renens, au coeur de l'Ouest lausannois, le quartier "Les Cèdres" accueillera notamment deux bâtiments pour un total de 56 appartements.

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Residence Contesse, Résidence contesse.PNG

Residence Contesse

Romainmôtier Charming little medieval village in the district of Nord Vaudois fascinates lovers of culture and nature.

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Les jardins de Lullins, Jardins de lullins.PNG

Les jardins de Lullins

Troinex Two small 2-storey HPE buildings on the ground floor + basement of 6 apartments each of 4 and 5 rooms, located in the heart of Troinex.

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La Perle de la Gruyère, Perle de la Gruyere promotion.jpg

La Perle de la Gruyère

Villarbeney Located just 8 km from Bulle, "La Perle de la Gruyere" is a beautiful new district on the edge of Lake Gruyere.

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Les Hauts de Châtel, Hauts - promotion.jpg

Les Hauts de Châtel

Châtel-sur-Montsalvens Composed of 4 apartments and 1 individual chalet, Les Hauts de Châtel is a new real estate project located on a place overlooking the valley.

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L'écrin du Lavaux, top.jpg

L'écrin du Lavaux

Jongny Beautiful lake view for this apartment on plan with finishes to choose

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Malibu, 418_5ea41266f1a8d5.69288122.jpg


Cologny This high standing residence of 5 contemporary villas is located in a calm and privileged environment.

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Résidence Opale, Opale_01_Web.jpg

Résidence Opale

Chardonne The Residence Opal is a Luxury building with 6 PPE apartments from 3.5 to 5.5 rooms.

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les Terrasses du Pomalet, Pomalet - promotion.jpg

les Terrasses du Pomalet

Châtel-sur-Montsalvens Ideal for families and anyone looking for a unique site within nature, this project is located in the heart of La Gruyère and offers 14 apartments, from 2.5 to 4.5 rooms.

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Résidence La Lisière, Residence la Lisiere - promotion.jpg

Résidence La Lisière

Morlon The new real estate project, Residence La Lisière located in the beautiful Gruyerian region, consists of 3 buildings offering a total of 9 apartments.

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