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Du 11 au 14 Novembre


The scent of new wood and fresh paint is a sensation that each of us loves to experience in a new apartment or house. We carefully select the best new projects in order to bring you this moment.

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Bonnesfontaines 6, Bonnesfontaines6_Web1.jpg

Bonnesfontaines 6

Fribourg « Bonnesfontaines 6 » est situé au coeur du quartier du Jura en ville de Fribourg et propose 7 magnifiques appartements du 2.5 au 5.5 pièces avec des surfaces habitables de 40 à 143 m2.

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Les Terrasses de la Bruyère, Terrasses de la Bruyères - promotion.jpg

Les Terrasses de la Bruyère

Pully Le projet "Les Terrasses de la Bruyère" se trouve dans les hauteurs de Pully et offre à ses futurs acheteurs privilégiés 9 appartements de haut standing, au sein d'un cadre verdoyant.

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Zen Residence, WEB_Zen_01.jpg

Zen Residence

Dorénaz The « Zen » Residence comprises 2 buildings with a total of 12 apartments . Each one has a balcony, a terrace or a garden. Living areas from 71m2 to 93m2.

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Villas Blanches, VB_Ext1.jpg

Villas Blanches

Conches Accessible by a secure portal, the 4 villas of contemporary style architecture and high standing, called "The White Villas", promise you a peaceful, elegant and comfortable daily life.

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Villas Théa, VillasThea_Web_1.jpg

Villas Théa

Le Landeron « Villas Théa » comprise 7 modern houses with bright and large rooms in a residential neighborhood of Le Landeron. Each house have a balcony, a terrace and a private garden from where you'll enjoy the lake view.

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Les Balcons de Palud, 421_5ebd50f79fac32.10293952.jpg

Les Balcons de Palud

Gumefens Logé dans un écrin de verdure, au coeur de la nature, ce bâtiment jouit d'une belle vue sur le Lac de La Gruyère.

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Résidence Portofino, POR_Cam_08.jpg

Résidence Portofino

La Croix (Lutry) An air of Italy in Lavaux. The real estate project offers 20 housing units divided between four buildings

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Résidence Les Pins, APPART-1erEtage-Résidence-Les-Pins-Ch.-de-la-Scierie-10-Colombier-0-.jpg

Résidence Les Pins

Colombier NE 10 apartments - 4.5 rooms - for sale in a residential and green area near Neuchâtel

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Résidence Belicia, Belicia.PNG

Résidence Belicia

Morges Located in the heart of the Côte wine region, Morges, nicknamed "Morges la Coquette" because of its floral decorations, stands out for its cultural richness and its 5000-year-old history.

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Cologny Fairway, Terrasse 1er Bat 2 étage lot 4.05 - Cologny Fairway.jpg

Cologny Fairway

Cologny NEW PRICES! Luxury residence made of 15 apartments. Only 6 apartments left !

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Domaine des Cerisiers, Domaine des cerisiers - promotion.jpg

Domaine des Cerisiers

St-Légier-La Chiésaz Ideally located on the heights of St-Légier, the Domaine des Cerisiers is composed of two buildings with terraces and balconies. This new project includes 19 apartments for sale from 2.5 to 5.5 rooms.

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On The Rocks, Gravelone OTR 3D ext1.JPG

On The Rocks

Sion On The Rocks is a luxury residential building, perfectly integrated into its natural environment. From the 12 apartments, you will have a breathtaking view of the Alps and the city of Sion.

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